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Nairobi County Govt Addresses & Contacts

Nairobi County is located in the southern part of Kenya, in East Africa. It is the capital and largest city of Kenya.

Here are the physical addresses and contacts of some of the key departments of the Nairobi County government:

  1. Nairobi City Hall: City Hall Way, P.O Box 30075-00100, Nairobi Phone: +254-020-2222221 Email:
  2. Nairobi County Assembly: City Hall, Parliament Road, P.O Box 45947-00100, Nairobi Phone: +254-020-2223121 Email:
  3. Nairobi County Treasury: City Hall Annex, 7th Floor, P.O Box 30075-00100, Nairobi Phone: +254-020-2222736 Email:
  4. Nairobi County Health Department: Afya House, Cathedral Road, P.O Box 30016-00100, Nairobi Phone: +254-020-2717077 Email:
  5. Nairobi County Education Department: County Hall, 4th Floor, P.O Box 30075-00100, Nairobi Phone: +254-020-3342648 Email:

Note that the above information may change over time, so it’s best to check with the Nairobi County government website or official channels for the most up-to-date information.



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