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#1 Swimming Pools Cleaning and treatment in Nairobi

We offer the best swimming pool cleaning services in Nairobi & Kenya, dredging, disinfection and maintenance services in Nairobi, Nakuru, Thika, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu and the rest of Kenya. Call Bestcare Cleaners to get an estimated quote for the best swimming pool cleaning services in Kenya


Do you own a swimming pool or your premise has one? Good swimming pool care is essential to ensure that it does not turn out to be a breeding place for mosquitos and other insects. That is where our Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance services in Nairobi Kenya come in to provide you more than prolonged fun of relaxing on the sun.

We help you to maintain the outer and inner parts of the swimming pool to ensure that you have the maximum utility. Our experience in swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services will help you save time and money. We work to ensure that our clients get the best value for their money.

At Bestcare Cleaners Nairobi Kenya understand the importance of a balanced pool; the things to consider testing water fill. Different types of pools require different pre-opening measures. Our knowledge in pools is our confidence to serve you.  In our service, we help you protect your pool in all season.


Other aspects we consider in Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services include but not limited to:

  • Tile maintenance
  • Cleaning the skimmer and pump basket
  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Checking equipment pad
  • Cleaning the deck
  • Pool water level
  • Understanding the pressure gauges
  • Filter maintenance
  • Replacing cracked skimmer Lids

Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

1. Have You Checked The Water?

Water should be tested regularly, preferably two or three times a week, whether the pH is in balance, whether the chlorine in the pool is in good proportion. Have a good water connection to the pool from an experienced  plumbing company. The pH should be just above the neutral value, between 7.2 and 7.6.

2. Have You Balanced The Degree Of Chemicals?

You tried things out and saw that some chemistry needed to be added. Did you do that? The most common bad thing that owners do is to delay things and not adjust the chemical balance of the water. The outcome can be a major problem to clean later.

3. Have You Shocked The Pool Lately?

Even if you regularly adjust the chemical balance of the water in the pool, it is advisable to shock your pool with chlorine shock from time to time. You need to follow the shocking instructions as they are different from the regular use of chlorine. What we are trying to do with the shock chlorine is to remove the organic compounds that have evolved in the pools.

4. Have You Checked The Pump?

First, make sure the pump is running. If the pump pressure reaches 8-10 psi above normal (1-1.5 bar), we perform a Backwash system. It usually takes about 3 minutes to complete the process, so soon we have a clean filter which means that the pump will not overload during operation.

5. Have You Cleaned Or Replaced Your Filter Recently?

The filter should be cleaned every 4 to 6 months. Clean the debris from the filter, rinse the filter, let it dry, return it – and that’s it.

You can also use a cleaning kit to clean the pool. You should have a brush with which you can remove the most stubborn dirt. With the right cleaner you can destroy even the most resistant bacteria, and with accessories – you can retrieve what you couldn’t previously clean. Likewise, there is a wide range of products and mixtures for descaling and organic impurities, located at the edges of the pool and accumulating during the bathing season.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Services in Nairobi

Are you a resident of Nairobi, Kiambu or any of the surrounding areas and own a swimming pool? Do you find it a challenge to maintain your swimming pool and keep it in top notch condition? If you are, then hiring a service provider for maintaining and repairing your pool is the right solution. Watertech is a reliable provider of swimming pool maintenance services in Nairobi and its environs.

Reliable swimming pool maintenance services in Nairobi

Owning a swimming pool if you live in urban centre and have a busy schedule can be a challenge to maintain it so it can offer serve you as expected. That is why it makes great logic to hire the services of a pool maintenance company. Watertech is a reliable swimming pool maintenance services provider in Nairobi and the environs. We handle all types of swimming pools so you don’t have to worry if we are the right service provider.


We have skilled and experienced workers for offering this service. If you need professional work done on your swimming pool look no further. Our work speaks for itself and it’s the reason we get referrals and have been able to retain our clientele because they are very satisfied with our services.

Affordable rates
Our rates are very affordable. We are proud to offer the most affordable rates for professional swimming pool maintenance. We don’t do shoddy work just because we want to offer affordable services. Instead we offer professional work at the most affordable rates.

Searching for swimming pool maintenance services in Nairobi and its environs?
If you have been searching for a reliable, affordable and professional swimming pool maintenance services then look no further. Watertech guarantees you all these because we are committed to them.

Get in touch with us today to get a quotation or book an appointment. To do so you can WhatsApp us by clicking the green WhatsApp button at the bottom of this page if you are on a smartphone. You can also call or send us an SMS using the phone numbers provided throughout this website.

Alternatively you can send us an email using the email address provided or leave an inquiry on the comment box or contact us form on this website. We will revert to you soonest possible.

Swimming pool construction services
Would you like to own a brand new swimming pool at the most affordable cost? We not only offer pool maintenance services but also construct them. We offer high quality services at very affordable rates. If you are in the market for a reliable swimming pool contractor get in touch with us today.




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